Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Midlik Wedding

She's married!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I'm about a week late one this one...don't shoot me! Life has just been so busy and I've been so tired that it totally slipped my mind to post! And I also find it really odd that we never posed as a group of bridesmaids/bride (besides the professional ones) at the church or reception. Oh well! I can't wait to see the professional pictures!

The festivities started on Friday night when we had rehearsals and then went off to Marker 20 for dinner and drinks. This was SUPPOSED to be a quiet evening where we all went to bed early in preparation for the big day. WRONG. Because we thought it would be a brilliant idea to stay out at the bar until 1:30 am and have a dance party. But it was okay since the bride was there too! We even took shots...NOT SMART when you have to be up at 6:30am the next morning! And to top it off and make it even better we were at the Best Western hotel bar with other randoms and we just danced and drank the night away.

So Saturday morning came around and we were hating life. Well, some of us more than others....thankfully I didn't decide to take more than 1 shot. Mimosas started at 8:30 then off to continental breakfast and then to get our hair done. Melissa and Emily's hair took the longest (2 1/2 hours EACH), you'd have thought they were Cousin It from the Adam's Family! Mine was pretty short and easy and it turned out really great. After our hair was done, it was off to Tropical Smoothie for a quick lunch then back to the hotel to get ready. We were transported to the church by Crystal's lovely family (I LOVED her mom and dad!). The ceremony was quick and beautiful and then we were off to stand outside for like 30 minutes while we get our pictures taken. Hopefully the pain of freezing to death doesn't show in our pictures and we all look great! The sun also decided to be a pain and I'm sure there is a squint or two to ruin a picture. We didn't take many pictures throughout either night, but here are a few I stole off different people's FB accounts. Oh the joy!

USPS delivers! I got so confused because I only saw the back of this guy when he came in and my first thought was "OH MY GOD, THEY DID GOT A STRIPPER!" Thankfully, it was just her dad who works for the post office! He brought her the book version of the father/daughter dance they were going to do! So cute!

Joel and the girls had a dance party alllll niiiiiiight loooooong!

Thumbs up!

Mikey and the girls...He likes it, he likes it! (A Life cereal commerical refrence!)

Before partying...please note a family member came to our door and presented us with a whole cooler of beers to choose from!

Best picture of the night!

Pretty bride getting ready for the big moment.

Lighting the unity candle


Saying their vows to each other

Introducing Mr & Mrs Midlik

Always love a good black and white photo

On the party bus...yes, I said party bus! We took a party bus from the church to the reception. Def the way to go!

YUMMY CAKE! I think the cake is one of the best parts of any wedding!

Erika and I getting down.

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