Monday, November 22, 2010

Third One Down

So, two weekends ago I completed my third half marathon. I had previously harbored thoughts that I could potentially one day complete a marathon. During my run I realized why that is absolutely not possible...I don't like running! And it hurts! Yes, yes I do realize that I run a lot and its weird for me to not like something I do frequently. I always have such (what I like to call) Race Regret. I get super pumped and excited when I sign up for races but then the morning of when I'm waking up way before the sun is up to eat my toast and lace up my shoes, my thoughts are "what the F*CK was I thinking?!?!?!"

This race was held in Richmond and I took my first American train down to Richmond. I really enjoyed it and it was very relaxing! If I had driven down I would have had a severe case of road rage and would really be hating life. I met up with my dad (my running partner) and ate dinner before the race. He wouldn't let me have the beer I wanted to go with my pizza (beer has carbs too!). Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn to wait outside for 30 minutes in 30 degree weather...not fun! The race started off really well. This could have something to do with the fact that we snuck up to the 1st corral..such a lifesaver when you don't spend half of your energy sprinting and dodging back and forth around other people. It got to be about 60 degrees by the end of the race and even though I could see my breath coming out of my mouth I was sweating bullets and contimplated on running in just my sports bra. Hello Richmond! I'm half naked in December! I can say for a fact that I will never be running in Richmond again...too many hills! Jesus! Every time I'd run around the corner there seemed to be another fucking one. Not something that you want to see when you are running for 13 miles. My calves BURNED and were not happy. BUT the great thing is that I finished with my best time yet! 2:13...3 minutes faster than my best time. Imagine what it would have been if there weren't any hills. Let's see how fast I can get the next one...yes, I am already signed up for another one (refer again to how I hate running...). My goal is to one day finish in under 2 hours. 1:59 would be fine with me!

During the course of 13.1 miles, I saw a barefoot runner, I almost got hit by a car (damn crazy minivan drivers), saw 26 signs (A is for Awesome, etc.) and a few other memeorable signs:
  • Stop reading this sign and run.
  • Smile, you're getting laid tonight.
  • Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.
  • Run like a cheetah.
  • Beer is this way.

Guess its time to start training for the next one...

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