Monday, November 19, 2012

Hiking at Great Falls Va

Last weekend the BF and I went hiking at Great Falls Church (the VA side), the weather was a perfect 60 degrees in November..say what?!?!  AND little did we know that all national parks were free on Veterans Day weekend. It was crazy beautiful and I didn't know that sometimes the Falls sometimes flood and it was crazy to think that the water down there could come higher than I was tall! CRAZY.

People were out in full force, people repelling down the rocks, people kayaking, and one guy even on a stand up paddle board into the rapids...CRAY CRAY.

The day wasn't without some craziness...apparently we were hiking where we should NOT have been. Little did we know where we were hiking was a national preserve that was over 200 years old and was a $150 fine, and a prision-able offense...whoopsie. Thankfully the park ranger let us off and we continued with our day. We only saw a little bit of the park, it extended another hour walk north and there was also some sites on the Maryland side. I do one day want to see the Maryland side too!  All in all, it was a great 3 hour hike that at least got us away from drinking at a bar for those 3 hours!


  1. One of my fav parks to visit, happy thanksgiving!

  2. You've been nominated!