Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BBQ, Waves and Faction Beer

Last weekend, I joined a birthday party in a quest for a good time! We took the ferry to Alameda to spend the day boozing away. Let me tell you how awesome taking the ferry is!  Its a real casual, fun easy, good time. You can even purchase alcohol on the ferry!  In just 30 minutes we were across the bay and ready to take on the day. For just $5 each way, it was a pretty cheap mode of transportation and you got to be on the water!

We picked up the ferry at you guessed it....the Ferry Building. We took it to the first stop and got picked up by our friend's parents..love adult drinking!!! We could have walked, but it was pretty hot out that day.  Our first stop was Faction Brewery. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary!

  They had so many different beers on tap!  We did several tasters like the one above for the table.

I wish that they offered brewery tours and the such, but sadly they do not. You cannot actually walk around where they store the beer, unless you're a female and need to walk across the hanger to the ladies room. So weird.

 Jamie, me and Lori

The great thing about this place, is that it is right next door to a winery and a distillery!!  Rock Wall Winery is next door and St. George's Distillery is on the other side!  Sadly, we were on a time crunch and needed to get back to start the BBQ, so we didn't get the chance to go anywhere else but the brewery....but I'll be back!

We got back on the ferry and went back to the city.  Those things in the picture above inspired George Lucas to create the walker things of Star Wars. George lives in Marin County, which is just past the Golden Gate Bridge.
Just another beautiful day in California!

So this Russian Billionaire had a very large yacht that we got to pass in the ferry!

Just LOOK AT THAT THING. Oh its only $323 million dollars....no biggie.  Apparently it has a crew of 42..... really ridiculous!

The view of the city as we came back on the ferry!

And then in the Uber to their house we saw this oldie but goodie being towed away. Guess it couldn't get up the massive hills of San Francisco any more!

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