Friday, August 22, 2014

Day Around the Bay #1: North Beach and Coit Tower

I've decided the best way to see the city is to force myself to run a path and then putter around a neighborhood! Its kind of how I explored D.C. when I first moved there, and now that I'm by myself for the next 5 months...I have nothing better to do hahahaha.

My first stop up is running down to Pier 39 and then exploring North Beach. It was a hot and sweaty (and tourist filled) 2 mile run down the Embarcadero and then I hiked up a hill to see Coit Tower. Let's explore the pictures....

Pier 39 is a tourist attraction area where the Sea Lions can be seen and other kitschy items can be purchased. Its really gorgeous and nice during the week when there aren't as many tourists around.

Pretty harbor with loads of boats.

From here, I walked the windy roads up, through Lombard Street, up to the top to view Coit Tower.  Just look at these views of the Bay!

First sight of Coit Tower!

The reviews said that it wasn't worth paying the $7 to reach the top and that the views were just as good as where you're at on the parking lot. I'd have to agree the views are AMAZING. Maybe if I have someone in town, we'll pay to go to the top.

 But for now I'll just enjoy the views for free!

The tower's back side :)

From here, I looked down one of the MANY up and down hills and was thankful I wasn't going to be climbing all of those!

Oh hey, look there, its the Transamerica Pyramid.

From here, I walked around the adorable North Beach neighborhood. If you're in the area and like live jazz, take a stop at The Savoy Tovoli. They have live music Saturday nights.

And then I turned the corner and saw this monstrosity of a car.....Purple with HOT PINK rims. Whoa.

And then kept on strolling to Washington Square...

So many people out on the square enjoying the warm weather! (Hey, its like 72 here..that's hot). Apparently it was one of the first squares in the city and was founded in 1847. Around the square is Saints Peter and Paul Church.

 Its pretty famous, too.  It was featured in the Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry and Marilyn Monroe and Joe Demagio took pictures on the steps after their civil ceremony at City Hall. Apparently he was married to his first wife there but could't marry Marilyn there because the Catholic Church doesn't believe in divorce. Oh the drama...

 Its quite beautiful. And from there I walked to XOX Truffles. Apparently its been selected Top 10 Best Artisan Chocolatier in the USA.

I went basic and got the Carmel and the Milk. I would say the carmel was MUCH better.

 My last stop was to check out the Columbus Building. This gorgeous copper-green flat iron building was built in 1907.  By the 1970s the building was falling into despair, but film director Francis Ford Coppola purchased the building and restored it to its beauty today. Its #33 on the San Francisco designated landmarks!

North Beach is known sort of as Little Italy. There are so many great places to eat, but I'd recommend my favorite, Cafe Macaroni. You get a nice view of the Transamerica Pyramid while you eat real authentic Italian and listen to Italian banter! Its tiny, so make sure to make a reservation! Its 59 Columbus Ave., on the corner of Columbus and Kearney.

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