Monday, August 11, 2014

Yep, that's me....

With the grocery cart.  I truly live in the city now, with no car. So, being that I'm in my 30s and no longer care how ridiculous I look, I BOUGHT A GROCERY CART! Yes, that's right. And I love it :) I was tired of hauling heavy grocery items home with me because I have a 20 minute walk from the closest Safeway or Whole Foods ....or Target! And with my bf gone for 5 months, I figured now is the best time to purchase! I love it. Its pretty tiny and I already want a bigger one, but its ok, because it works for now! Here it is with not many groceries...

And one pic with it packed to the brim! I mean, because how else could I carry 2 grocery bags and a 6 pack of beer?

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