Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Host my first San Francisco Guest!

I finally got to host my first San Francisco guest!! I was so excited!!! My bf left on a 5 month deployment and how perfect that Hannah planned her birthday week with me the next week! We both work from home, so it was perfect for her to come!

Thursday night, our friend Meghan was in town so we met her and her work friends for drinks at Velvet Cantina (hello margaritas!) and then we walked to Beretta for an AMAZING dinner!  Love when people are in town :)

Friday, we decided to make a trip out to Napa! This is my 2nd trip and I knew I needed to stop at Domaine Carneros AGAIN! I mean, who doesn't start their day off at 10:30am with champagne? That's how I want to start every day! We started with the champagne flight on the terrace of their beautiful chateau. The day started off a bit overcast, but the good ole sun decided to shine down bright on us!

Me with my flight

4 glasses of champagne

This should be done every day....

Our ridiculous haul...

So long, farewell....until next time.

Next up, we went to Homewood Winery. It was starting to warm up and be beautiful outside!

After our tasting, we took a glass outside to enjoy. After copious amounts of sun screen, we sipped our wine and caught up on all the good gossip!

After our glasses, we walked out back to a beautiful view!

And then of course we had to play in the vines....

Hahahaha...typical Hannah fashion...

Hello beautiful......

We're really in Napa!!! (well, Sonoma here...)

From here, we walked across the street (no, literally across the street). To Carneros Brewing Company, a Latino family owned brewery. Hannah asked for a beer but they only handed her a taste.

We rectified that pretty quickly with another look at the menu and ordered our drinks.

And then we went outside and found the most amazing discovery! Their grounds were BEAUTIFUL!!!

See, I don't lie.....

And then we found the weeping willows!!!!

Goofballs...as usual!

After a good 20 minutes playing in the trees, we headed to our last and final stop at Gloria Ferrer vineyards.

There were these odd weird tall statues, so of course we had to pose with them!

I mean, look how gorgeous this place is!

My lovely companion for the day...

And me...

What an amazing and epic day!!!!

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