Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alcatraz Night Tour

I took a trip out to Alcatraz with my favorite work group for a night tour...well, we never saw the night! I guess in the summer it gets dark so late and we didn't want to wait for the very last ferry back so we never saw night. It was pretty cold on the island, so if you go bring warm clothes! Did you know that Alcatraz is a registered U.S. National Park? Well, it is!  If you want to visit, I recommend purchasing tickets in advance because they frequently sell out quite a bit in advance, several weeks in advance during the summer!

I met my favorite boys at Pier 33 to visit "The Rock" as Alcatraz is called. Before it shut down in it was a Federal Penitentiary (1933-1963) and before that it was a military garrison. Its also the home of the oldest functioning light house on the West Coast. We took the ferry out to the island, it was FREEZING on the water!

Looking back at the city

Our up and close sighting!

It looks so majestic

Native Americans occupied the island to protest the federal policies related to American Indians for almost two full years!

 You can see some of the graffiti they painted. Many of the buildings were destroyed or damaged during their occupation.

 Below is their showers...yeah, no thanks to showering in the open like that!

Tiny cells

A lot of the cells were kept in the dark. These in the middle at least had skylights

Some of the office

I did a panorama of the island! Beautiful!

 Looking back at the city.

And ending with an amazing shot of the lighthouse!  Who would have thought an iPhone would take as pretty of a picture!
Overall I had a pretty good time! Definitely worth seeing once...and only once. Ha!

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