Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What would YOU do?

Wow, so the jackpot yesterday was 380 Million dollars! I like to play the game "What would I do if I was rich?" Well, here's just a few things:

1. Buy a flat in London (DUH)

Preferably one on the canal in Islington. Preferably the penthouse with 4 bedrooms, rooftop deck, state of the art furnishings and appliances, and modernly decorated. Lucky me, I found a comparable flat for 2.5 million GBP. Roughly estimated to 3.8 million USD. Chump change if you ask me. Here's a few pictures from my new (imagined) flat:

Of course it would be decorated this well or better.

Yep, I can imagine sipping my afternoon tea from that seat right there.

The view of the canal from my new place

2. Buy a tropical island
Hey, if you're going to dream, dream BIG.

3. Buy an expensive sexy car:

Hello pretty car, come to momma!

4. Give (in my best Dr. Evil's voice) 1 million dollars to Phi Mu
5. Give some money to my parents so they can each start their lives over again with their impending divorce. I'd probably buy my mom her next dream home and I'd probably buy some land and build a barn for my dad and his horse LeRoy and any other horses he intends to purchase in the future.

........And of course quit my job in a heartbeat.

Well, what would YOU do?

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