Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE Shenanigans

Happy New Year from the Shewolves!!!!

Well, well, well. Another year has ended and another is about to start. Hannah and I had been plotting for quite some time about our NYE plans. There is just a plethora of things to do, places to see, and drinks to be imbibed. I scowered the internet and lo and behold one of the sites I subscribe to on FB had a list of things to do in DC for the best night on the planet. We found an AMAZING deal...$55 for an open bar in DC? Dreams really do come true! This 3 bars in one deal sounded fab! And best of all it was out in the U street area, complete with hipsters, skinny jeans, and emo glasses..oh my! We decided it would be in our best interest if we don't tell Josh what kind of place we were going to. HAHAHA, what he doesn't know wont hurt him.

And we've discovered that not having any preset notions or ideas about how the night is going to be leads to having a blast! Usually we over analyze and hype the night up so much that it often leads to a let down of sorts. You know when you dream all year of getting this one amazing gift under the Christmas tree and when you open all the gifts and realize its not there...yeah kind of like that.

Side note, one of the 3 bars was called Bohemian Caverns (a live jazz club)...none other than Duke Ellington, Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald have played there in the past! A side of History with my alcohol...yes please! And the walls really are made to look like you are in a cavern, pretty neat!

The night's pregaming activities started off at my house where we polished off a bottle (yes, a whole bottle) of bubble gum flavored vodka. DANGER! That shit is SO good that you wont be able to stop yourself. Mix with a little sprite, and you have as Hannah put it "a taste of childhood...but with alcohol!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen it was THAT GOOD. After that, we headed off to the second event of the night. Megan rented out an apartment in her building to host a night of alcohol, friends, and fun. We unfortunately couldn't stay too long because we had some serious partying to do and we stayed at my place for far too long.

Some of the wolfpack at Megan's

OMG brilliant idea!!!! Another one of those things when you're like, "why didn't I think of that?!?!?!" Solo cups where you can scratch off your name! Damn! Can you imagine how helpful this would have been at sorority and frat parties??!?!? "You're drinking my drink man....nah dude, see it says my name. Back off!"

All set for the night. Wish I got a better photo of my super cute dress. Boo.

We finally set off a little before 11 to get to U Street to really get the party started. We were really afraid that we'd have to stand in a horrific line outside in teeny tiny clothes but we lucked out and there wasn't a line! (This really was our night!) There were so many people at the club but thankfully there were 3 floors so we had plenty of places to spread out.

We're in a cave!!!

This shit is CRAZY!

Bringing in 2011!

We're in a wind tunnel!

Somehow we end up loosing Josh and he's wasn't in our assigned meet up point. We freak out when we discover we can't find him. We are texting with him back and forth, his response, "I'm wondering around DC!" Ah fuck. Are you serious? Where the hell are you Josh????? Hannah and I grab a cab back home after waiting for what seemed like forever out in the cold. We get home, get in our jammies, and apparently make pizza bites and chick peas? Hahaha, and who knows what else. Gotta love discovering the chaos the next morning. Thankfully Josh finally calls us at like 3 am (about an HOUR after we left) saying he's down stairs. Thank god. Who knows what he was doing in that hour. However, the next morning he tells me he found a tarot card in his pocket. His words, "Question: I have a tarot card flyer in my pocket. So either they were handing these out at the bar or I had a psychic reading last night. Any ideas?" HAHAHAHA...oh I feel like 2011 is going to be a great year...

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