Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reality Slowly Sets In

Holy f-ing shit batman, I'm moving in a week...A WEEK. Well, technically a week and a half but still. As silly as it sounds I think I'm scared shitless.

So not only have I noticed that I'm grinding my teeth at night, but my shoulders have been SUPER tense and my tummy is achey. Funny how I'm not really mentally scared but my body knows I am. I was like this before I moved to London; my body just ached like I was an 80 year old hag. I almost want to cry about it; its sooooo weird. I abolutely HATE this area and I can't wait to get away. I think its more about the monumental change that I'm about to take embarking on my own. And its not that I don't think I can handle it, because I know I can. I always amazed myself how much I could handle when I was on my own in London. I guess change is always scary wether you want it or not! And as Carlina so elequently put it "Dude, you already moved to ANOTHER COUNTRY, you'll be fine!" Touche!

*Deep breaths Amber, deep breaths. You can do this.*

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  1. You CAN do this...although I will continue to wish that you weren't. It makes me sad to think that you won't be here for our weekly dinners, work out sessions, and crazy escapades through downtown Hampton. It's a selfish thought, because I know that this will make you truly happy. The funny thing is, your "hometown" was my "break out on my own" place. I hope that you find as much happiness in D.C. as I have found here. And you better expect my visits regularly! Thank goodness I can read your blog daily to find out the excitement in your life! :)