Friday, March 1, 2013


Sorry guys, I've been REALLY slacking in my blogging. I guess I've just been super busy with work and my personal life has been super busy as well. I'm trying to catch up with life and this little blog has been put on the back burner unfortunately.

But anyways, I'll catch you all up on Cabo. Especially since I'm leaving for Mexico AGAIN next week! Yep, that's right! Going again!

The resort was amazing, just like last year! This is the second year that I joined my boyfriend's family on their annual trip to Cabo San Lucas. Last year was the first time I spent more than one day with his family, so it was a bit weird, but this year was much easier. I think they've been going to this same resort for 16 years now. I can't imagine going on a vacation with my extended family, much less a week every year for 16 years.

huge space!

living room

Mango Margarita...yes please!!

There was this yacht near our resort. The owner FLEW IN on a helicopter. Yes, the yacht had a helipad!

panaroma of the beach!

Yep, there's that helicopter!

Oh hey there...

Tequilla shots. Oh yeah. Sangritas to be exact!

Yes, smallest bar EVER

Covered in dolla bills ya'll

The beach was beautiful

Just sittin by the pool, reading a book and drinkin my beer

View from his grandparent's balcony

I always manage to get weird sunburns!

Just me and my new mexican friend

This  was like a legit 4 mile walk roundtrip to get to these rocks

Life on the beach is so hard!

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