Monday, March 25, 2013

5th One Down

Man, talk about NOT being prepared for a race. Life totally got in the way of ANY type of exercising. With 2 trips to Mexico, too many happy hours to count, and ridiculous amount of cold weather did not lead to any exercise happening here. The most I had run was 5 miles on the treadmill. I was hoping for some sort of muscle memory. Well, fast forward to race day and it was BAD. Like B-A-D. My cardio was fine, but I didn't take into consideration about the 2 hour of constant pounding on my joints. Holy cow, I totally broke down about mile 8 until 13.1, my legs felt like lead and my hips felt like I was birthing a baby. It was ridic. Well, at least its done and I have about a month until my Nike Women's Half. The only thing I am HAPPY to report is that I was able to finish and drink ALL of my free beer! That's the import thing...right?!?!?! And we got great swag too! It was SO freaking cold, I talking about 30 degree temps and gale force winds! We got a really nice blanket to wrap up in after the race and a huge medal...its a bottle opener too!

My time?! Oh my time you want to know....I finished in 2:17. Not great, but hey pretty damn good for not training at all. Things could have been worse!

2:17 isn't bad, but it was 16 minutes slower than last year's and 4 minutes slower than the one before that. I ran the other 2 prior to my blog....womp womp.

Ok, on to the pictures....

The finish line from our room!

The view from our balcony

Oh heeeey Va Beach, you're looking pretty!

View from the bed. Wish I had this view everyday!

Me and the BF. He finished at 2:00 even. He didn't train either, he just recovered from shoulder surgery. It was painful for us both.

Me and the dad!

DUDE...that little orange dot there is the marathon winner. He finished a MARATHON in 2:17...he ran the whole marathon in the time I finished a half! It was a course record, hell the Guinness World Record is 2:03..he was only 14 minutes from a world record!

This AWESOME thing happened! Everyone stacked their beer cups when they were finished drinking the free beer. I didn't add mine because I probably would have knocked it over because I could still barely move!

My green beer!

What a view. If only it was as warm as it looked!



My sweet swag!

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