Monday, October 22, 2012

6 words I never thought I'd hear

"How about let's skip this one". Wait, am I still dreaming or did I just hear my father say that?  Well, I wasn't dreaming and he really did say that. We skipped the Army 10 miler. Holy shit. Did we just voluntarily skip a race? That's usually ME saying LET'S SKIP....PLEASE?!?! For once it was the other ways around. We both slept like shit, the hotel was loud and people kept slamming the doors at all hours of the night. (hotel etiquette please a'holes!!) We are both out of shape. Neither of us wanted to run. So we turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.

In a way I was happy but in a way it scares me. He's getting older. He's not as fast as he used to be. He doesn't bounce back like he used to. And its scary. Granted he is in REALLY good shape, even though he says he isn't. I mean, he is in great shape compared to other men his age, but for him, he's used to running fast and long. So instead, we went back to sleep and then got up and did a 30 minute run. Needless to say we were really winded at the end. If you had added another hour, which it would have taken us to run it, I probably would have thrown up at the end and then hurt for days. And it was hot. Well, as hot as 60 degrees, which is like 80 degrees hot when you're running! Phew, thankfully he got smart.

But not only did I get to spend some time with my dad, I finally gave in and bought myself my first pair of lululemon pants. Man, those suckers are EXPENSIVE. But DAMN, my ass looked GOOD. My roommate swears by them and she said even though they are expensive, she's had them for over 5 years, so its worth it.
I only got to run 30 minutes in them, but I think they're pretty awesome. Or it could just be my mind telling me they are awesome because I spent an ass load on them. But hey, maybe I'll be motivated to exercise again! This is a wake up call to myself that I need to get back into shape!


  1. No shame in skipping a race you're not prepared for! I walked a half with my mom once!
    I love those pants! Are they fairly true to size? I am definitely adding a pair to my wishlist and wasn't sure which size to get...

  2. oh girl NO shame in skipping a race! i sure did once! I skipped a HALF MARATHON last year... yeah, paid for it and all, but i never regretted skipping it. i need to get back into shape SO badly!

  3. Thanks guys!!! It was a bit shameful that we paid for it and didn't go and that its SUCH an inspiring race, but man 10 miles when you aren't prepared would have been tough. And the course is super crowded. Amanda-the pants are compression pants so I would go up a size. I got a size 6 and they worked pretty well. They are soooo comfortable and very stylish for workout gear!!