Friday, October 12, 2012

Winery Hoppin

This past Sunday we took a winery tour to celebrate my friend Lisa's birthday! Even though I didn't know many of Lisa's friends and none of the other DC Phi Mu ladies could make it, I still had a blast! We had enjoyed lovely 80 degree weather the two days prior, but of course DC decided to change abruptly leaving most of us unprepared for the cold weather, which was even colder in the mountains!

As I said in this post, we visited three wineries:

I had my favorite and my least favorite! Barrel Oak was GORGEOUS inside and out but I liked La Grange's wine better. Miracle Valley was a waste of 30 minutes. Wine tasted watered down and the only good thing about it was that they had a fire pit going on outside to warm up our toesies. Which were freezing because we did our tasting outside under a tent that didn't have any heaters!

Anyways, enough complaining, let's get down to business. Lisa was bad ass and rented out a charter bus to take us to the various wineries. Bad ass in theory but when the bus drive couldn't find Rosslyn (um...even WITH a GPS), he was an hour late. Which mean we had to rush through some of the wineries. Insert sad face here. Once we finally found him and set off on our journey, we finally understood why he couldn't find us. I don't think his GPS had been updated since the early 90s...yeah, true story. Anyways, we set off on our merry way and Lisa had a TON of snacks for us all to eat and also drink while on the bus! I think I ate WAY more than I drank because I was stone sober when I arrived back home. Oh well, still had a great time! I feel so adultish with my winery tours! Granted, I've only been to a few other wineries out in Charlottesville, but still!

I'll leave you with some pictures from our trip:

First up, Barrel Oak!
The inside of this place was BEAUTIFUL! The bar was made to look like a wooden barrel.

The outside seating was amazing. Wish it was warmer and could have sat out there.
Blue ridge mountains
Oodles and oodles of wine!

Goodbye Barrel Oak! It was fun while it lasted! The wine was SUPER yummy and I liked about half of them, I'm just not a white wine fan!

On to the second place, Miracle Valley.

At least they had a band playing
And the grounds were really pretty

And there was a little lake
And lots of flowers. Notice how I never mentioned the wine? It was gross. PASS.

On to the third place, La Grange. This place was cute and homey and had REALLY good wine!

There was this McMansion  out a little ways away

There was this adorable little barn on the grounds which housed the below barrels

People purchase these and get a case of wine every year and on the 4th year, you get to keep it! Its a pretty hefty amount, but probably a good deal.

HAHAHAHAH well the crappy bus driver did buy the birthday girl a cake!

I would love to eat a little lunch next to all those barrels

A stopper
Where the magic happens
So apparently the grounds have a ghost. And the ghost likes to have his wine. You can barely see, but on the far left of the mantle, there is a glass of red wine poured. Any time this glass is moved or removed, the ghost does not like it and there are all kinds of electricity problems and other creepy things!

Goodbye La Grange, it was fun!

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