Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winery Hoping in Charlottesville

I had SUCH an amazing time with the girls in Charlottesville. Its so rare that I get to hang out with the girls sans boys. Crystal decided that we should do this and took the reins to plan it! Planning for such a big group of opinionated girls is no small task!

The Blenheim farms (Dave Matthews winery) was AH-MAZING. The building, the wines, the VIEW. It was amazing! It was really laid back and calm there. We all packed some food and then after our tasting, we bought some bottles and then sat outside and opened up our lunch. The weather was truly amazing, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Funny enough, the next day was a torrential down-pour and drinking home in the rain sucked. ANYWAYS.

If you want to read a really good article about the winery, click here

Winery list! We tasted 6 wines for a measley $5!!!!!  Then each glass was only $5 too. I never knew wineries were SO CHEAP. They bank on you buying bottles, which I totally did! Several I may add. I actually liked all 6 bottles, which I don't really like white wines.

I wish there were extra glasses on the table for water. All that wine on an empty tummy spells a disaster.
Beautiful big open windows. Too bad my iPhone sucks at taking pictures like that.

Wine makin' parts. Wish I had taken the winery tour but the girls just wanted to do the tasting..Im going to have to go back!

Why, hello there!

Guest sign-in sheet

AND you get a free glass!!

MMMMMMM yummy!


The beams in here are just gorgous!

So nice inside

Wow, such a view!


Our lunch, a mix

On to the next place! The Trump winery. Donald's son owns this winery.

You get 9 tastings for $10. AND a free glass!

ICK I really hated every one of these wines..gross.

After winery hopping, we decided to head to downtown Charlottesville. Its really a gorgeous little town feel! We ate at this AH-MAZING place called Zocalo. The food was so good! I had the duck for dinner and it was YUMMY

There was this fun art project where there's these big chalk boards and you get to write on them :)

Erika writing a message

pretty cool

Now its Miller time! No, seriously, the bar is called Millers. This bar is TOTALLY fun!!!

One side of the tables (Emily, me, and Erika)

And the other side (Jess, Crystal, and Melissa
They had a really good band!

I had SUCH a good time, and I can't wait to visit again!!!

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  1. It's sad that I'm just now reading this. That's how crazy busy my life is... But thank you for documenting our fun!!