Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Thigh Bone is Connected to the Hip Bone...

Yep, that little childhood medley is just the diddy I'm singing right now. I went to the Chiro on Monday and it really is amazing to think how the human body works...but then also how if you're messed up in one area, then you're pretty much screwed everywhere else because everything is connected!!! Ugh. So my hip has been hurting for a good two weeks now. Sure enough, he tells me before I even tell him. "Does it hurt when I push here?" Me practically jumping off the table and responding a resounding, "YES STOP TOUCHING THAT!!!!" He explained that my hip problems is because my IT band is tight. Hmmm interesting.

He can also tell my alignment of my body by touching my ankles....so weird!!! I've never been very flexible but I guess I need to step up my game in stretching. I guess that since I haven't been running, then I haven't been stretching. Double problems.


Speaking of running, I had a minor freakout this morning when I thought my Army 10 miler was in next month (September, since I clearly knew OMFG its AUGUST), but I looked at the calendar and realized its not until Oct 20th so I have some time to prepare. PHEW. I've put on a few lbs and clearly haven't had time to run with working 50 hours weeks and having an out-of-town bf who you only see on the weekends, therefore no exercising occurs.  Maybe I need to bring my workout clothes and force him to run with me. Too bad we drink all night, then sleep all day and then its hot as hell outside. See how quickly I can make up excuses? Yep.

Guess I need to become bff with this little thing:


Its my worst best friend.

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