Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silopanna Music Festival

2 weekends ago I went to an outdoor festival with the boy in Annapolis, called Silopanna. Not sure what's the story behind the ugly name, but whatevs. A small local festival with a big line up! Cake, Citizen Cope, G Love and Special Sauce, and Robert Randolph were the headliners and a bunch of local bands in between. The day was hot, but no where near as hot as Bonaroo 2 years ago! There was a brief ridic rain storm complete with lightening minutes before Citizen Cope was set to come on stage. Thankfully Matt was driving because they had us all return to our vehicles and then come back when the storm passed through. The rain didn't damper the show, we returned and sat in the rain while Cope performed! Here are some pictures:

Really big Paul Bunyan thing welcoming you to the fair grounds

Local band Grilled Lincolns

They were pretty good. The boy knows the guy in the plaid shirt.

We had an AWESOME spot really close to the stage for Robert Randolph

Pretty cool guitar thing 

No zooming in, we were like 3 rows from the stage

And then G Love came on stage and played with Robert Randolph!

 And then G Love came on stage and played with Robert Randolph!!

Then G Love and Special Sauce came on stage and did their own rockin set

Sooooo close!!




A clearly drunken video of Cope. . iPhone turned it on its side and I don't know how to alter it.

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