Monday, October 15, 2012

Out & Equal Conference

Ok, so I'm geeky excited to go to my FIRST LGBT conference...the Out & Equal Conference in Baltimore, MD this year! While I'm not LGBT, its still very important for the Ally community to be educated on legal policies, whats happening in the political world, and what other companies are doing to promote diversity and inclusion. Big Daddy D is paying the week long conference and I'm excited to meet people across the nation from my firm and other companies. Pretty sure it will cost about $1K to send each of us for this conference, not including hotel fare or airfare for those that can't drive to Baltimore.

I wont lie, I'm a little scared that Halloween falls mid-week and there is an event we can go to a local bar and dress in costume! EEKK.  There is also a gala dinner too that I can't wait to get dressed up for!

Here's a little summary of what the summit is from their website:

2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit
Out & Equal's Annual Workplace Summit deserves its international reputation as the premier conference on LGBT issues in the workplace. The Summit provides individuals, human resources professionals, diversity managers, employee resource group (ERG) leaders, and straight allies the perfect platform from which to make powerful connections, share best practices, and formulate a strategy that allows for a powerful demonstration of their commitment to equality for LGBT people in the workplace. The abundance of activities and nationally celebrated keynote speakers result in an experience that has been described as "an enlightening watershed of information."
Some of you might know that I am in the GLOBE & Allies Business Resources Group for big Daddy D. Well, I actually serve two roles: Communications Chair for the DC chapter and I co-lead the  Marketing and Communications team for the National chapter.  Looking forward to representin' the Ally population at the conference in 2 weeks!

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