Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

Come on 2010, I expect BIG things from you. Well, anything you do will probably be better than your friend 2009, so here's to bringing something amazing! I'd like a new job, a new location, a new place to live.... anything new really. Please.and.thank.you!

Hmm so its been a while since the last time I blogged. Where to start? I always get on other people for not posting in a timely manner and look at me now...geez.

Well, where to even start? Let's see. Kind of hard to post on anything recent because since my camera is so defunct I've relied on other people to take pictures and then they take forever to post them. ::cough::cough::hint::hint:: For NYE I went to Richmond to play with Heather, Mirna, and Ashley and I must say we looked HOT! I only have two pictures from that night, sad to say.

And from there I moved on to Woodbridge where I went to Sami's bridal shower and then out of the town to one of the tinest redneck bars where of course we met a group of very drunk baby Marines. Is it just me or do you only find baby tiny (under 22 year old) Marines or military boys in gernal anymore? Not that I'm compalining because they are normally more than willing to shell out money for drinks...what else do they have to spend their money on? Yeah, not much. From there I spent the next day with Hannah and we went shopping and then spent the rest of the day watching twilight. I love lazy Sundays...even better when I don't have to work the next day! Then it was up to Maryland to celebrate Melissa Bell's birthday. Figures that I get sick through the whole festivities, stupid stomach bug. I can now officially say I've thrown up in the tube...or metro...or whatever. Needless to say I was very sober (we hadn't even started drinking yet!) but thankfully I was able to jump off and throw up in the trash can. Oh poor Benli "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? THIS ISN'T OUR STOP!!!!" Yes, thank you Benli, I did know that :) Its kind of hard to be social and keep a straight face when you keep having to go puke in the bathroom, but I can say that my years of sorority rush training built me up strong! But it was still fun and I met some new people which is always great.

In other news, my friends and I have started a biggest loser competition (don't worry, I'm not trying to loose wieght but I'm taking the opportunity to tone up some muscles) and I'm really excited for them. Way to go for actually taking the initiative and actions to loose the weight and make themseleves happy. I know what it feels like to not be happy with how you look and how hard it is to function when you hate the image that is staring back at you in the mirror. When I came back from London I was a good 20 pounds heavier then when I left. Not sound like much? Well on a 5 foot 2 frame it screams HELLO IM HEFTY. The main reason I got into running was to loose the weight. It takes hard work and determination to loose the weight. Complaining about it and not doing anything is not going to do anything besides perhaps make you eat that extra slice of chocolate cake...what's one more piece???

Anyways, why am I saying all of this? Well, for one thing I've really gotten into going to a couple of gym classes. Some are good while others are tragic. I'm not ashamed to say that my sister got all of the dancing genes in the family (hi Brandy!) and some gym classes are just not for the uncoordinated. The only dancing I know how to do is grinding on boys in a club. I went to Zumba last night with my friend Crystal and I've never felt so out of place. I wanted to be like all of those big bootied black girls, but this scrawny chicken legged white girl was no match. ARG you Zumba! And last week I tried this Bodystep class, kind of an areobics class on crack...pittiful. BUT I am really getting into the kettlebell classes and a bodypump class and I've found that all of this extra weight lifting/cardio has really helped my running. I went for a long run yesterday and I wasn't even out of breath at the end! I was so excited because this is out of the oridnary for me. I normally hate running and come back wheezing from it. So, this new found ease of exercise I might consider running the Marine Corps half marathon in May. Def no marathon, but the couse is very hilly and pretty hard. Can I handle it? Can I set out to run a race without my coach? Dunno, stay tuned to find out!

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