Monday, January 18, 2010

Shake What Yo Mamma Gave Ya

This past weekend all the girls here decided to go to the OBX for the long weeekend. We stayed in a really cute cottage that belongs to Emily's family. We all know how I feel about the OBX....espeically in January. But whatever, we were celelbrating Erika's birthday so I made the trekk down there to party it up at (of course) Kellys. Imagine that. At least I looked cute :) And its always fun to shake it on the pole. That's what its there for, right???

We decided to recap the rules of the house since some of us have a hard time following them :) For your enjoyment here they are:

#1: Never leave your friends behind. Meaning, don't leave your drunk ass friends at a club...they'll never make it home.

#2: No Crying. Yup, we have to make this rule because a couple of my friends have been known to cry at the bar. And not just a little tear rolling down the cheek...we are talking body jerking, shoulders shaking, tears pouring down like a water faucet and probably a few hiccups here and there. Rule #2 was broken by none other than Nikki Hood...queen of bar crying. Thankfully this time it was not over a boy but a camera she thought was lost. No, it was given to the sober person to ensure it wasn't lost.

#3: No sleeping in the bathroom.(The at home bathroom, not the bar bathroom, ew) I understand the theory of wanting to sleep in the bathroom, what better than being already near the toilet when you need to Call Ralf on the Big White Phone? Thanks to Nikki Hood we have now altered this rule to state "No sleeping in the bathroom OR kitchen"

#4: Don't act ridiculous. However, dancing on the pole is not a direct violation of this rule and is totally acceptable in this case.

#5: No fighting. Not sure if this means no fighting with your drunk ass friends or other drunk ass patrons of the bar. The decision is out.

#6: Don't spill your drinks on your friends. DUH. Especially don't spill on your sober ride.

#7: The boys at the bar, stay at the bar. You just don't bring boys home from the club, that just screams "IM A CRAZY BITCH, PLEASE COME STEAL MY STUFF OR DO SOMETHING WORSE!"

#8: Leave your cranky pants at home! Self explanatory.

#9: Don't throw up in the car. DUH. This also includes do not throw up on yourself, or someone else, or anywhere you have to actually clean it up.

Too bad it was January and we couldn't get in the water but considering I hate sand anyways perhaps it was a good thing. I don't really know why I hate the beach so much, give me a pool and I am a happy camper. I just don't like gettig sand in places the sun don't shine...there is just something inately wrong with that.

That's Melissa's new Jeep that we drove up to the beach

Pretty. Pretty cold that is...

Nikki and I at the bar. No idea what is going on here, but I love it! Its probably right after I scored us free shots or drinks or something.

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