Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fabulous Life of...

I am going to *attempt* to summarize the past two weeks. Breathe in, breathe out...here we go!

Ok, so the job...its going well. So what do I do? Good question. Still not 100% sure, but I am creating web based training for a government organization. Nothing that exciting to report other than I am in love with the coffee machine at work. 15 different choices of individually brewed coffees!

So I work with big ballers. LITERALLY. I went to a work happy hour and had to excuse myself to go home...at 11 pm at night. Yes, the happy hour that started at 5 went well after 11pm. Thankfully in a moment of clarity I forced myself to go home at 11 before I could have made a fool of myself. I had 3 big beers, 3 shots, and two bottled beers. My tab for the night...$6...and that's why I say I work with big ballers. Talk about making it rain! While the rest of the people and party continued off to another bar I walked my happy ass to my baby tiny apartment to sleep it off. And then Friday I went to a work happy hour (do you sense a theme here?) at a place called Bar Louie in Chinatown. This happy hour was sponsored by the Human Capital Analyst program, so think free apps and a free bar tab for 2 hours. Cha-ching! So I did some mingling and some drinking and met some cool people but then also met some typical douchebag assholes. Surprise surprise. So after 3 Guinness' it was time to go. Best quote of the night said to me, "You're like straight out of Legally Blonde." I'm just going to take that as a compliment and keep on. My company gives you an orientation buddy to help you integrate into the company and do stuff like that. Thankfully Nathan was also going that night so I didn't have to walk in and not know anyone and he introduced me to a lot of new people. Later Nathan invited me out with his friends that night since I didn't have any big plans for the night, and it was after all a Friday and who can sit home on a Friday? So I went out with him and some friends out in Chinatown to a place called Passenger and then some other place with pool tables. We randomly met the bar owner and he was pretty fun. It's called Passenger because it has this back room that looks like the inside of a train car...hence, passenger. It was even complete with a super cool super secret room in the back to which we didn't gain entrance. Everyone coming out of the room had a smile on their face so we were curious what was going on. Overall consensus was that they were doing lines of coke back there. Hey, it could happen...this is DC. Total cost of my night: $15. The night was capped off with some creepy drunk people in the tube singing show tunes. Oh I think I'm going to like this town...

Random thoughts on my new life:
~Outside my apartment in the hallway sounds like the tornado in Wizard of Oz (only downside of living in a highrise apartment)
~I don't ever drive my car so the other day when I went down to the garage to get it, it took me like 10 minutes to find it.
~My biggest fear is falling down the metro stairs at Rosslyn. Shit.
~My work building has AMAZING views of the city.
~I had a delightful red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting from Georgetown Cupcake and I can't stop thinking about it or the other choices of flavors.
~I keep hearing people talk about this running/bike trail that is near my house that goes all the way to the national mall and I can't wait to find it.
~I really, really, really miss my puppy.
~One plus of having a studio apartment is that its so quick to clean.
~I can't wait to see what this new adventure brings...!

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