Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Royal Fabulousness

Well, I must say that Princess Katherine looked AH-MAZING on their recent trip to Canada and the USA. But its good to see that even if she is a princess, she still has some hit or miss times! For the most part she looked amazing and stuck with her favorite color, navy blue. I wish I could afford her style!!!


Stylish even in flats and boat shoes! While working out...who can say that?!?!

Lovely color (but alarmingly skinny looking!)

This is by far my most favorite outfit. Damn you blogger for not
posting my pictures in the order I want today!!!

Classic chic...with GLITTER shoes!!!!!

Diana would be very impressed.

Love the pop of red!

How many calories an hour do you think she burns by waving all the time?

Love the jacket!!

The NO, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING outfits: (thankfully there aren't many!!)
ICK horrendous..this does nothing for your figure and those shoes don't go with that dress.

God I hope they don't think the American population all dress like this...ick.
Over my dead body would I ever wear that hat, that shirt,
that belt buckle or those shoes. Woof.

Guess she was going through a nautical phase?

There were plenty of other outfits, these were just my fav or the absolutely hideous of hideous. However, I must say out of all of her clothing changes, only 3 were hideous...that's fab :)

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