Friday, September 9, 2011

Sorority Fun!

Betsy and I with our alcohol stash

Some of my sorority sisters and I got together recently for a wine and cheese night where we all brought a different bottle of wine to share and let me tell you it was SO much fun! It was nice to be able to sample different kinds of stuff and let's not forget about the food! The only thing I like more than drinking is eating. We had lots of different cheeses, dips, and a few pink confectionery things as well to sample! I'm getting hungry just thinking about the food! We did have a reason to get together besides boozing, which was to create back to school goodie bags filled with candy for our two heart to heart chapters. I loved getting goodies when I was in college and it was nice to know someone out there was thinking about us :)

The girls stuffing bags.

Giselle and I were on ribbon duty. I can handle that.

Operation stuff bags in full force.

Our beautiful goodie bags for the chapters. Thankfully Sarah is very into details because these turned out so freaking cute!!!

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