Thursday, January 3, 2013

At the race track

I spent New Years Day ringing in the new year at the Laurel MD racetrack. I'm not even going to mention the let down NYE was, so I tried to keep my head high and have fun the next day. I don't normally ever go to the race track, unless you count Strawberry Hills Horse Races where I get dressed up pretty, wear big hats, party with my friends, and don't watch the horses.

Horses aren't my thing. My dad owns one but I don't ride it. Betting isn't my thing either. I like to keep money, not loose it trying to make more. But, alas, it was the BF's friends birthday. I guess every year her and her friends go to the race tracks and bet on the horses.

My only 2 bets. Lost on both, so down $17.

The BF found his new BFF...an older gentleman who was in the exact same sling!

The big screen

Horses running

Horses warming up

I felt like I was drinking at an old folks home or the geriatric ward at the local hospital

I found the perfect man at the races...too bad the BF's one good arm doesn't take non-shaky pictures!

He made me pose hiding his brace.Geez.

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