Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On my way to NYC

Totally realized I never posted this back from THANKSGIVING! I'll post all about Cabo but I need to catch up!

Its 6:15 and I'm standing in line for my bus to the city that never sleeps. Took a cab to Union Station, I love driving through the city so early in the morning. The city is all lit up and quiet. Got to the bus so early that the bus leaving an hour before me offered to let me get on. I declined and let the people behind me get on. My way of spreading the cheer to others. I'm not in a rush and to be honest, I want a really good seat on the bus!! It's a double decker bus!! I really miss seeing London on top of one, it really was the best way to see the city.

2 hours later and my bus that was supposed to come broke down!! I was an hour later getting started but I eventually made it to NYC for Turkey Day festivities with Hannah, Dana and My favourite Brit, Will.

We had a blast the entire weekend, playing charades, snuggling and watching tv, drinking coffee and seeing the lively city! I could honestly say I would move to NYC. The city used to scare me but not anymore! DC is great, but a bit on the small side.

Anyways, enjoy my pictures!

The view from Will & Dana's apt

The drinks table and deserts


Cheeky Wills

Loved their stockings...esp for the dog they don't have yet.

Wills and Mike...bffs forever

I could get used to this view!

Coffee from the place down the street


Bloody mary's are a girls best friend

HAHAHA oh Hanner


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