Monday, May 20, 2013

Living Social Beerfest Take Two!

Earlier this month, I inivted the girls up here to DC to go to the Living Social Beerfest. This is the second time we've attended this event. This last time was this past October. It was the same place, same time and JUST AS MUCH FUN!!!!

This time I got smart and made these AWESOME pretzel necklaces:

You will NOT believe how many times people came up to us asking where we got them and how they were such great ideas. I mean, I thought everyone knew about pretzel necklaces? Cool points go to me!

They had amazing beers AGAIN. Actually, I think this go around had better beers, or maybe we just tried more this time. They even gave out fun mustaches:

And this time they had a Silent Disco!!!! WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!! Give drunk people some headphones and watch them dance ridiculously.

This was an amazing event! The only problem was that I got so drunk that I lost my cell phone :/ I thought it was a total gonner and I was morning the loss of it. Come to find out, some super super super nice bystander picked it up and turned it into the Metro. After a few days, frantic calls, and a 2 hour metro ride, I was able to recover my phone. YAY for awesome people!

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