Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Luray, VA

After one huge fight with the BF, I told him it was beyond ridiculous that in 2.5 years together, we've never gone anywhere just the two of us. It's either with family, friends or rugby boys, which is totally unacceptable. I understand that one of us always drives to see the other, but why not both drive one weekend to somewhere new? I get really antsy when I don't travel anywhere for a long period of time and I wanted to go somewhere. I didn't care where, I wanted him to take charge and plan something.

Sounds great....but sometimes I shouldn't allow him to plan things. HA. He decided he wanted to visit Luray, Virginia and visit the Luray Caverns. Okay, sure whatever. It's somewhere new, just like I asked. We didn't realize that the weekend we picked was Mother's Day. All of the good places were booked, even the B&Bs :( Womp, womp. So we got stuck at the Best Western...but at least it was downtown and we could walk everywhere. Even to the ONE bar in town. Oh wait, there's two but the other one was a hotel bar.

Let me just say, there were some INTERESTING characters living in Luray. Like I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G! Matching couples mullets, children walking around shirtless, fanny packs, and a women pushing her dog in a leopard print dog stroller. WOW. We also picked the weekend it had a street festival, where most of our people watching took place. I'm really glad we went to the fair because I don't think I've laughed that long in a LONG time.

There's only one bar, Uncle Bucks (yes, true story). And MAN. Total redneck bar, I loved it. There was a SUPER drunk guy and we laughed so hard watching him talk to him self, dance and clap. I would totally go there again. Drinks were SOOOOO cheap!

The caverns were really nice, but I don't think worth the $50 for the two of us. I've been to a cavern before, so I had seen the stuff before, but it was still pretty cool.

We even found a wine tasting festival! It was pretty cool, all the glasses were donated by the Good Will in town. You could take any glass and you were allowed to take the glass home or donate it back! How cool! Sadly, we somehow walked right past the beer fest and didn't realize it :(

There was also a "duck race". You could purchase some rubber duckies for a chance at some prizes ($300, $200, etc). Our duckies didn't win, but it was fun to partake in.

Their downtown was pretty nice, lots of open parks.


Apparently the Appalachian Trail cuts through the town. The town had a dedication ceremony.


Entrance sign

There was an organ down in the caverns. Apparently some person came down and realized taping on the rocks throughout the whole cavern, it only produced 13 notes. So he created this organ system. It was pretty cool. Oh, and they hold weddings down there, so you can totally get married in a cavern....

They've got a spot to donate coins and at the end of the year, they drain it and collect the money. The sign details all of the organizations and how much money raised.

So cool! One inch took around 150-200 years to grow! Some of these were 50 feet tall!

Wish my iphone could take better pictures!

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