Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Muir Woods

A few weeks ago we decided to leave the concrete jungle and escape to the woods, Muir Woods to be exact!  Man, these trees are SO BIG! They've been growing for years and years and years! We got there early, but clearly not early enough....people are LEGIT and get there SUPER early!! We had to park on the dirt road down the street! The B man has a military US Parks pass and we (B, Brad and I) all got in free!! Woop woop!

Man, it was hot in the city, but as soon as we got up in the mountains it was super cold!! I of course dressed properly, but the boys did not. Silly boys, tricks aren't for kids...apparently neither are parks! There are plenty of hiking paths to explore, but since the boys weren't adequately prepared for the cold, they weren't happy campers and decided to be pouty princesses for the day and made us leave early.


So many rings around the tree

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