Monday, March 2, 2015

Cabo, Mexico

Man, I am so far behind on posting!  Work has been SO crazy and I've had so many things going on that I haven't dedicated time to catch up on the blog!  When you spend 10-14 hours on the computer a day, the LAST thing you want to do is get on another computer and type even more.  I had been working SO much that I was having pain in my left hand, so much that I was having a hard time sleeping. That's when you KNOW you are working too much!!!

In that vain, I want to take myself back to a time when I wasn't working at all!  I spent two GLORIOUS weeks in Cabo back in January!  The B man's family has a time share in Cabo and they go yearly. This is the third time I've gone and every single year it gets better and better!

Cabo had a category 3 hurricane hit it back in September of 2014.  The town was pretty much obliterated and we were really nervous about our trip already planned in January. Thankfully the town pulled together and starting rebuilding immediately.  And the resort we stay at, Club Cascadas, is AMAZING and they worked so hard that almost the whole resort was fixed.  About 6 of the buildings were still under construction and construction started bright and early at 8 am, but honestly other than that, you really couldn't complain.

Please feel free to hate me because of the gorgeous pictures you're about to view. Especially those of you East Coasters who are under 8 inches of snow...

I mean, with a view like this, who can complain about anything?!?!

This is Kylie, she's absolutely adorable. She is B man's cousin's daughter.  She kept us all on our toes and more than once when something was missing...she was the culprit!

There may have been several shots of tequila this night...

This view never gets old!!!  Grannie and PopPop stay on the top level, and this is their view!!!

Early morning and no one was out and about yet

Can I go back right now?!?! Like NOW.

Mimi sipping her cocktail

You mean you don't drink champagne on the beach for breakfast? No? Well you should.

Hot dogs or legs?

Life under the palapa (umbrella)

This yacht was HUGE!

The sunsets were just unbelievable

This was sunrise along the beach

Hot tub anyone?

Quatrafoil spotting!

The workers were putting in a new palapa, they worked SO hard and didn't use any tool with electricity...all by hand!

Breakfast on the beach every single morning

Fun architecture along the resort

Mimi and her mini-me.  Hard drinkers...DRINK HARD.

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