Monday, March 23, 2015

Palace of Fine Arts - 100 Year Anniversary of the World Fair

Last week I had to attend a Junior League event out in the Presidio (basically the OTHER side of town!), so I made the B man join me to do some exploring.  We walked past the Palace of Fine arts and happened to fall into the 100 year anniversary of the World Fair and its expo about the event and the time in San Francisco.  This area was built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition to celebrate the opening of the Panama canal.  It was surreal to read about the area and the purpose of the expo....think about it, this was at a time where the only way people could get information about the vast world out there was to attend a World Fair.  This fair also celebrated the city's rebirth after the 1906 earth quake.

This is the last standing part of the fair and it had fallen into disrepair until 1965 when it was taken down and rebuilt. Over 9 months, nearly 19 million people visited the expo...that is incredible to think about!!  Pretty interesting to see what was innovative 100 years ago...such as the first telephone, model T car, and airplane....crazy to think its only been 100 years!

Its pretty much a hike across the city (I live on one end and it lives on the other) so I don't get out here very often, but when I do, especially on a clear blue day like today, its amazing!!)

B Man ruining my photo, like always

Just LOOK at that sky today!!

Ugh...me trying to get a photo and B Man doing animal puppets....typical of my life now..

Fire engine from the early 1900s!

One of the original fire places that warmed up one of the buildings at the expo

A replica of Ford's first automobile that was shown off at the fair.

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