Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seattle, Washington

PHEW now that I'm finally home, I can catch everyone up on my whirlwind adventures.  Well, I'm home for a week and then I fly back to Dallas. But anyways, next up on my travel list was when I visited my sister and her husband in Washington State. My dad even flew in from the East Coast and joined us.  I had no idea Washington was so pretty....AND HOT!!!!  Wow, I was not expecting it to be 90 degrees!!

I flew into Seattle early (really early) to Seattle and my dad picked me up at the airport. Then we headed downtown to pick my sister up from the train station. She took the 90 minute train down from Bellingham (I think?) to meet up.

They had 2 train stations and they were BEAUTIFUL!! I always love to think about how trains used to be the way to travel and then I start to wonder what these walls would say if they could. How many people reunited with their loved ones or how many people had to say goodbye.

After we picked up Brandy, we headed down to the water and it was a beautiful day!

AND HOT, and I mean H-O-T! I wasn't aware that Seattle got so hot!  Thankfully there was a breeze near the water. Apparently it was record heat that weekend, its not normally so hot until later in the year...oh yay...

My sister and I being goofballs....gosh, I look at myself in this picture and all I see staring back at me is my mother!  Which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes pictures like that catch me off guard!

From here we boarded a tour boat, called the Argosy and did a tour of the bay!  It was really neat to be on the water and be able to look back to town and see everything that was going on and to see the sites.  The tour instructor was pretty cool too and told us all about the city...to which I promptly forgot everything he told me!

It was also pride week in Seattle!  Can you spot the gay flag? LOVE IT!

Oh hey there Seattle!

Those mountains out there in the distance is Canada. What's going on, eh?

Except for this guy's forehead (fivehead?) being in the picture, this is a really beautiful picture! The American flag and the space needle!

That's Mt. Rainier in the background. Apparently you don't see the mountain often because of the fog (dude, its just like home!) but today we had a crisp, beautiful day out on the bay!

Wave hi to Seattle everyone!!

I tried to do a panoramic picture

Another beautiful day on the water!

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