Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Erika's Wedding

Talk about horrible timing to break a bone in your foot and have to be crippled for 6 weeks. After #Napagate happened on Friday, I had to head to DC on Sunday.  I was going for a week vacation (DC, Maryland, Delaware) then down south to Newport News for a wedding on the weekend, then fly to Dallas for work for a week, and then head BACK to DC for a wedding in Fredericksburg. Let me tell you, its hard work being not 100%.

BUT it was well worth it to see my besties!  In the photo above is (L to R) Jessica (lives in PA), Nikki (lives in NC), Melissa (lives in VA) and me (CA). That's a lot of locations coming together to see Erika marry her beau in a beautiful church in Suffolk.

Ross looked so nervous!!

Not the best photo but I was too busy crying to get a good one.

Afterwards we headed to Downtown Hampton, VA, back to our stomping grounds circa 2008/2009.  Sometimes we clean up pretty well (and I made sure the person taking the photo cropped out my bandaged foot).

First stop was Taphouse. Man, this place has A LOT of drunken memories. Tears at the bar, phones dropped in the toilet, and plenty of strange men trying to pick us up.

Wish this picture turned out better because I was so happy to have the 3 of us together again!  Over a decade of friendship right there!

And then off to the reception to celebrate the new bride and groom!  Their friends home brew beer and they made all of the beer at the reception! Except for the cider, which was from Bold Rock Cidery (which we visited during her bachlorette weekend).

We waited and waited until we got to see the new Mr & Mrs!

Whoa scary picture!
First dance as husband and wife

Besties :)

SO happy to be together again!

Ok, I'm not ruining this photo. Cheers to over TWENTY years of friendship!  This girl has seen me at my worst (and vice versa) and we're both happy and loving life these days.

The B man and I with the bride. Not sure why he always awkwardly sticks his neck out like that in photos, we're going to have to work on that one...

When you're crippled, you get to take a seat....conveniently next to the beer....


And then at the end of the night it wouldn't be in true fashion if Nikki and Melissa weren't in tears...so they did just that and cried. Man, it was fun to be back with the gang!

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