Monday, May 17, 2010

Mullets, Cougars, and Blockparty...Oh My!

Nothing says summer more than flip flops!

So I made it home for the weekend! Besides sitting in traffic, I spent my time doing my mandatory "mommy time" and hanging out with the girls! And of course, in our typical tradition we went to block party Saturday night. And that's exactly where the post's title comes from. Mullets, Cougars, and Blockparty...OH MY! I LOVE laughing at all the ridiculous outfits and haircuts and cougars and the such.

Emily, Jessica, and Melissa

Erika and I and the most delicious champagne ever!

On Sunday, we all went bridal dress shopping and of course we can make a party out of it :) And to top it off, I found the most HIDEOUS dress on the racks and took a picture with it (of course I did!):
Most of us found our dresses pretty quickly but Melissa took the longest, but it wasn't too long at all! I thought it would take forever but it was super exciting and we were all trying on things at the same time so it went really quickly.

I'd just like to throw out a BIG THANK YOU to Crystal for NOT being a brideszilla and allowing us to each pick out our own bridesmaids dresses. Everyone has a different style and bodyshape so why force us all to be cookie cutter and shove our unsimiliar body shapes into a dress. She picked the color, we picked the dress. I have never been happier spending $140 on a dress because:

  • Its cute
  • Its got pockets!
  • I barely have to get it altered
  • I can totally wear it again!!!!!

So without much ado, here it is:
And I'm bored at work (again) so I'm going to post EVERYONE's dresses:




Total side blurb: I saw someone CC'd in on an email whose name is "Liu, Wayne"...I totally glanced at it and thought it said Lil Wayne hahaha. I was like YES!

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  1. I can not believe you posted EVERYONE'S dresses....too funny! I'm glad you love yours though. I've been in enough brideszilla weddings to make me want to kill myself, and I vowed to never put others through that kind of torture. :)