Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Check is Showing!

Wait, I kissed my frog...where is my Prince Charming???

Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,I don't care if I never get back...Supper club took a Friday trip to the National's Ballpark. Convenient for me, it was also on my bucket list! Score!!!! Now, its just the Nationals, so I knew we'd loose but at least I watched a few minutes of the game.

Too bad I wasn't actually in my office working during the day because the ball park is across the street! Unfortunatly I was off at training out in bfe Chantilly but I got out at 3 so I had plenty of time to get home and pregame...hey, don't judge!

I finally met up with Megan Murray who lives about 2 streets over at her apartment. Her penthouse was having a free wine tasting so we treked it up to the penthouse and boy was it worth it! The views were SPECTACULAR. For a measly price of $6,000 a month, you too can have an amazing view to wake up to. However, if I paid that much each month I'd want a bigger balcony. Granted there was one, it was just baby tiny. Megan, Katie Smith, and I figured if we got about 12 people together with bunk bed's we could probably afford to live there ;) Maybe one day I will live in a penthouse suite...then again, I'd rather have a mansion than a penthouse hahaha.

Oh and the title of this post gets credited to Katie who totally called out Megan for wearing a sports bra under her shirt and you could see the Nike checkmark peeking out....Megan's solution "Well I can just button up my shirt". Oh Megan...we're going to have to work on you...

The girls in front of the gates. We asked this guy to take our picture and get the background in...and this is what we get. Oh well.

MMMM ballpark franks!

Totally can't remember what this is all about.

The Capital...and then my office building to the right!

At least the sign is pretty.

They are trying so hard!

I need to actually start coming to the game to pay attention to the game and not stand by the bar the whole time....NOT!

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  1. Thanks for totally calling me out on your blog :) It wasn't a sports bra it was a 'work out top' and it was comfy...don't judge! Loved the baseball game and we need to do things like this all the time!