Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding Season

JB and Jason Scott

Who says wedding season is almost over? My season has just gotten started! Next up on the radar was the Scotts wedding: JB and Jason. Even though they ran off to Vegas to get hitched they still had a party this past weekend to celebrate. I had a fantastic time and I loved seeing everyone again! Congrats to the Scotts!

Next party up: Bree's engagement party. Sometimes I think I need to hire a PA to keep up my schedule. And I def just realized that I never covered Sami's wedding...what a crime! I will rectify this in the next post :)

Ah the sorority squat

Phi Mu Sisters and now Sisters in Law

Cutting the cake


I can only imagine the heartburn that accompanied this

Harrison 104 girls

(Self proclaimed) Masters of Flip Cup

Oh no you didn't! Mama Christine will get you!

Pimp Benli

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