Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not a Runner

I think its funny that people call me a Runner when I don't even consider myself a runner. Yes, I have ran a few races and two half marathons, but that to me doesn't classify me as a runner. I run for the exercise and to give me something to do with my Dad. I, however, HATE running. I think real runners actually enjoy running. I get bored and it hurts and I'm just plain lazy. I don't enjoy it and I definetly don't ache to run, even when I see another runner out. I mostly do it to say I can do something that others can't. I even have a mantra sometimes when I'm really tired and its kind of stupid, it goes like this... "Anything you can do, I can do better". Childish? Yes. Does it work? Sometimes. Ha.

I have signed up for two half marathons: one in November and one in March. Yikes. I sign up for races mostly to force myself to run, otherwise I get really lazy and don't do it. So starting this past weekend I was like WHOA I need to start running again! However, its kind of difficult to do in 90/100 degree weather and I just can't get up early to run. I wake up really achey in the morning and running is just not in my cards. I'm trying to come up with things to motivate myself and I think I've found the perfect opportunity...I need to run to explore the city I live in. I don't think DC is a walking city like London. I would just choose a place to go and wonder around London and explore all different kinds of things. This, I have decided, is going to be what I do. On Saturday I ran 6 miles and wound up in the city and found a really cool memorial for George Washington. I didn't have my camera/phone so I couldn't take a picture but I've vowed to take my phone while I run (also for safety issues too) and I plan on taking pictures...so stay tuned!

Running is funny. I mean, I'm sweating and trying to stiffle the urge to throw up since its so hot outside and guys are still hollering at me. I mean, get a life! Yes, I am wearing practically NOTHING because its so so so HOT outside. I am not doing this to get attention, I'm doing it because I don't like the feeling of wet t-shirts, even proper running shirts get drenched and I don't like it. I've practically got sweat dripping in my eyes, my face is burning hot, and my thighs are hurting from rubbing together because I've gotten chunky again lately...NOT SEXY. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Anyways, first photography session while running was Sunday on the Mount Vernon Trail at Gravelly Point Park:

Airplane coming in for landing right over the cars.

Nice time for a picnic while I'm sweating my balls off.

Wonder what the people in the plane are thinking?

Too bad the iPhone doens't have a zoom.

The airport is super close to my house but I never hear the planes.

The Mount Vernon Trail


I'm not always so graceful...I fell running last week and this is what happened. I guess I bent my pinky finger back and it was super bruised for DAYS.

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