Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pig Roastin'

Word to the wise, if you are vegetarian STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

Sorry little guy, but you're soon going to turn into this:


Last week I was invited to a pig roast down in Newport News with a bunch of my friends and their kickball buddies. A pig roast in December? Yes, I hear they had to plan it around the Redskins schedule.....uhhhh okay?? It was bitter cold and ended up snowing that night. Wish I remembered more of it, but copious amounts of jelly shots and beers later, I only really remember up to the pig being cut. The rest is a bit blurry. Bits and pieces are clear such as the snow, having heart to hearts on the dirty kitchen floor (because who doesn't love a drunken H2H?), fire pits, my spinach dip being a hit and it being annihilated, other people passing out on the bathroom floor and locking themselves in, and countless other things led to a very interesting and super super fun event. I'd like to attend a pig roast in the middle of the summer...now that would be fun. Notice I say attend, its waaaay too much work to but its a blast to attend! I think that since all of us were super cold together it was a blast. I did, however, go home with an awesome cold. Great.

Wish I had more pictures but I was too concerned with drinking. Buuuuut I did get a new camera for my birthday so just wait for all of the embarrassing pictures!

Everyone, meet Annabelle:
Yes, Buster named her. Gross. Couldn't it have been an ugly name or something?

Chatting it up on the bathroom floor. There are no secrets when I've been drinking, I could never tell a lie.

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