Monday, December 27, 2010

Birthday Festivities

In true Amber fashion I partook in more than one birthday celebration. I can't help it that I have friends all spread out over the place and have to plan/enjoy multiple birthdays. Last year I planned 3, this time I cut back to just two; you know with the recession and all. I'm impressed with myself.

The first party I planned I had a few girls over to my place for some chocolate fondue and champagne. SCORE. YES PLEASE. I love chocolate and chocolate fondue is a chance to play with your food and drentch it in chocolate...double score!

Pictures from Party #1:

Partners in Crime

FAT KID HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made chocolate fondue and Hannah brought spinach dip and Ashleigh brought cookies. YUM.

Testing out the self timer on my new camera...success!

Sweet tea vodka is DANGEROUS.

This is right before Ashleigh started simulating sex and saying "I LIKE SEX". At this point I should have known that I'd have to put her in a cab to go home in less than an hour.

Megan and I waiting in my poshy posh posh lobby in my apartment

Thumbs up for being the LEAST drunk at your own party!
Boys. Boys. Boys. and shots. My favorite kind of night!
Thankfully these boys and a bevvy of other boys were able to remidy my situation of being sober on my own birthday. Thanks :)

And on to Party #2:
Melissa and the girls so graciously threw me the second birthday party of the month. Unfortunately it was also Buster's birthday so I guess I had to let him have part of the party too. [insert sulky pouty face here]

Melissa baked cupcakes for us...YUM! It says Happy Birthday Buster and Amber.

Wait, what? Scratch that shit, it SHOULD have said Happy Birthday Amber and Buster! Don't worry, I fixed it.

Birthday Buddies

One of three guesses what he's doing:

1. Singing Christmas carols

2. Screaming at the Caps game

3. Life coaching someone

Your guess is as good as mine.

Jason being cuddly for once instead of shouting "I hate you" at everyone :)

Some of the other girls for the night.

Trici thought the tree was missing something. She decided beer bottles were it.

Oh Emily...this face is priceless.

More girls of the night.

Happy newlywed couple!

This picture reminds me of that cell phone commercial and the orange bars. For the life of me I can't remember which company its for...BAD marketing if I can't associate the word with the thought. FAIL.

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