Monday, April 25, 2011

Marine Barracks

Just the other day it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, first day of spring kind of day here in Washington, D.C. and I was killing time at the Eastern Market area after work, waiting for a colleague. We were going to go to my IMPACT day site for the first time so I wanted to make sure I got there early and scoped the place out. Anyways, back to my little adventure at Eastern Market. I've wanted to go to the area for quite some time now, but I always feel like its F-O-R-E-V-E-R far away from me because really it is on the other side of DC and I'd be coming from Virginia. Its such a cute little area and I was pleasantly suprised by all of the shops and restaurants. Somehow I managed to come up on 8th street and realized I had gone to a work happy hour at one of the restaurants. I kept walking down the street and I happened upon the Marine Barracks. Something about baby tiny boys in BDUs with riffles, well....... riffle my feathers!

There are 2 groups who guard the entrances and I walked past the first group, I think there were two Marines, and they both starred me down, smiled, and said "Hi, I really like your dress!" (um..okay?) And I smiled said "Thanks!" and kept walking. Then I past the second group, three of them, and once again they stopped what they were doing and were all like "Hiiiiiiii" and one shouts "Its a beautiful day out" HAHAHAHA seriously? So of course I say "Yes it is! OOOHHRRRAAAHHH boys" And I saluted them and one shouts "Its an even better day now!" HAHAHAHHAA oh baby tiny Marines, how I love you :)

I didn't know much about the Barracks so I was curious to find out any information:

The Marine Barracks, is located at 8th and I Streets, Southeast in Washington, D.C. Established in 1801, it is a National Historic Landmark, the oldest post in the United States Marine Corps, the official residence of the Commandant of the Marine Corps since 1806, and main ceremonial grounds of the Corps. The buildings at the Marine Barracks are some of the oldest in Washington.

In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson and Commandant LtCol William Ward Burrows rode horses about the new capital to find a place suitable for the Marines near the Washington Navy Yard. They chose a location within marching distance of both the Navy Yard and the Capitol.

When the British burned Washington during the War of 1812, they also captured the Marine barracks, whom they had defeated at the Battle of Bladensburg. It is traditionally held within the Marine Corps that, out of respect for the brave showing of the Marines at Bladensburg, the British refrained from burning the barracks and the Commandant's house. Another possible reason is that they intended to use it as a command post, but left the area before this could be done. 8th and I has been the home of the Silent Drill Platoon and the Marine Band since the barracks' establishment in 1801 and the residence of the Commandant since 1806, when the Commandant's House was completed. The Commandant's house is the only original building left in the complex, the remainder having been rebuilt in 1900 and 1907.

Friday Evening Parades are held at Marine Barracks Washington during Friday evenings in summer (May through August). These 75-minute performances of music and precision marching, features the Marine Band along with the Drum and Bugle Corps, and the Silent Drill Platoon. The ceremony begins at 8:45 p.m., with a concert by the Marine Band.

Interesting! I'm going to have to try to see this ceremony one day!!!

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  1. I want to come with you to the ceremony this summer!! I watched a tape recording of the ceremony when visiting my Aunt and Uncle (retired Marine) last summer! Let's go :) and then let's figure out where all the marine's go after the ceremony!! :)