Friday, August 5, 2011

DC Brau

DC finally has its own brewery again!! I've heard many a things reading various blogs around the city and I was anxious to try my own.

From the company website:
Yes, the capital of the United States of America now has a beer to call its own. A beer brewed within the city limits and available citywide. A beer representing a delicious and uniquely American blend of North American and European techniques and ingredients. A beer that looks just as inviting in a pint glass at the neighborhood bar as in its handsomely designed can on a picnic table at an Appalachian campsite. A beer that pairs just as well with summer's barbecued bounty as with a hearty winter stew. A beer crafted in our nation's capital that reflects the great state of brewing in the United States today.

Oh the joyous things you can learn from Wikipedia:
DC Brau Brewing, founded in 2011 in Washington DC, is the first brewery to operate inside the District of Columbia since 1956, when the Heurich Brewery closed. The brewery is the brainchild of Brandon Skall, the brewery's business manager, and Jeff Hancock, its brewmaster. DC Brau's inaugural beer is "The Public," an American pale ale style beer. The brewery has plans to release an India Pale Ale style called "The Corruption," and a Belgian-style pale ale called "The Citizen." All of its beers are packaged in aluminum cans.

All of the brewery's waste is delivered to a family-owned farm in Haymarket, Virginia, where it is converted into animal feed and composting material. The brewery also plans to have the farm plant a crop of hops for a single batch brew that DC Brau says will be a limited annual release.

DC Brau is also supporting a bill before the D.C. City Council that would allow on-site beer tasting at breweries within the city's limits. At present, D.C. law only allows on-site tastings at grocery stores and retailers that do not manufacture beer at the same location, meaning the brewery can't open a tasting room.
Pretty interesting! I tried my first DC Brau (from a can) at Comet Ping Pong. Quite delightful!!

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