Monday, August 29, 2011

Straight from the Lips to the Hips

So my friends and I are having a weight loss competition. Thankfully its by percentage lost, however, I am finding it VERY hard to loose anything. I know I don't need to loose much (just the 5 pounds or so that mysteriously appeared over the summer) but it still needs to be done. Thank.you.very.much.happy.hours.and.beautiful.evenings.oh.yeah.and.ice cream. Bastards.

Four weeks in, I've actually GAINED weight. I'm hoping that I'm putting on muscle weight since I've been adding weight lifting and running back into my days. Which usually happens up front when I try to loose weight. I'm trying really hard to watch what I eat and I'm trying to all around eat healthier. Hannah would be VERY pleased with my picture from all the fruits/veggies in my kitchen right now! I've had to (with her help really) re-train myself with food. If it didn't come from a box, bag, or can it wasn't really eaten in my house growing up. Thankfully I had a HIGH metabolism because I can't count how many pop-tarts or gallons of ice cream or cans of chocolate frosting (yes, CANS OF FROSTING...no cake) I've consumed over the course of my life.

I'm currently munching on slices of red peppers and some hummus...YUMMY!!!!! My one downfall is my love of drinking. Well, and my love of all things chocolate and candy. But I've been really good with chocolate/candy/ice cream but not good AT ALL with the alcohol. I just love it too much...womp womp. Such is life I guess. I just need to be able to fit into at least half of my wardrobe that I currently don't...geesh! Is that so much to ask?

Its all fun and games until someone pops a button!

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