Monday, January 9, 2012


Shhhh...don't tell him but I have to admit my boyfriend has turned me on to a sport. Well, I mean I don't watch it by myself but I enjoy watching it on tv (or in person!) when I'm with him. Let's be honest...I originally started to like it because of all the fighting and blood. Ha! And the rules don't seem too hard to follow, unlike other sports. And its fast action even if they don't score much. I even bought my first Caps t-shirt at the last game...I finally felt legit ;)

In December I actually went to two games! For our 1 year anniversary I got us like 5th row seats (WHOA you can REALLY see the blood, sweat, (and tears)) which were awesome! And then for his birthday he got us tickets to see the game again. So this is like my 4th or 5th time going. I think its 5th but definitely 4th time, I just can't remember. And I even purchased my first Caps t-shirt!!! Its #8 Ovi :)

EEEEKKKKK I still cant believe I've sat this close!!!

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  1. I love hockey myself. :) I'm a Pens girl, and I love Sid...but Ovi is amazing. Even though he's had a few slower years, he's still dynamite. He's fast, he's big, and he can score.

    But I'm still hoping the Pens win the Stanley Cup. Don't shoot me. :P