Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running's Dirty Little Secret

I realized this weekend that my half marathon was roughly 9 weeks away...YIKES!!!! I need to get back on the running bandwagon and kick up my exercise. I decided to kick my training up a notch and decided its a beautiful day out...and I should be running about 8 miles according to the sample training schedule. I drive back from Bad Newz on Sunday and get home at 4PM. Considering its still winter, I knew the sun was going to be scarce and I needed to get the show on the road. I rush in, change, and hit the pavement. I RAN 9 MILES!!!!!!! Holy shit batman, and I felt ok until about the 7th mile, but the last 2 miles were pretty much UP HILL. I live at the top of a gigantic hill and it always sucks running to the trail I run because its like a 45 degree trekk up...ICK. Let me just tell you that knowing its soon going to be dark really pushes you to run faster!

This weekend's weather was ridic and I ran in just a long sleeve t-shirt and my running skirt. I got these new compression socks for Christmas and was anxious to try them out...I love them!!!! And they served a second purpose...keeping my legs warm! I hate running in pants...cue in the title of this post....

Running's dirty little secret....

Chafing. Yes, that's right chafing. I feel like I was not fully prepared for this anomaly. No one talks about it. No one shares their pains. I had only really heard of men's nipples chafing because of their sweaty t-shirts. Well, thankfully some of my friends are seasoned marathoners and they had told me a funny story about chafing but I thought "well, it hasn't happened to me yet, I'm fine". And I totally wear dry-wick clothing that wicks away my sweat! No cotton for me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...well shit on me. My first bout of chafing was NOT in a normal spot. For realz. About a year and a half ago, I ran a 10 miler in October and it was unseasonably warm. I wasn't prepared so I wore capris and a heavy shirt (Its OCTOBER, I should have been fine). Well I sweat my balls off and get home to take a shower. HOLY SHIT BURNING BATMAN. Thankfully my sweet friends sharing their story made me connect the dots...I had chafing...in between my ass cheeks!!! This can't be normal!!!!!!! One would think most chafing would be caused by chub rub. Well, not always. Anyways, pulling the story back in, after my 9 mile run yesterday I shower and realize HOLY SHIT BURNING BATMAN...AGAIN. I look down and I have chub rub between my legs. OUCH! I just don't get it, I'm not a big girl but I guess since my thighs do touch again, this leads to chafing. Lesson of the story...slather some Vaseline in any spot you think you could possibly experience this!

True Story. The End.

See, here's proof. For some reason my right thigh is worse than
my left...was the rub not from the other leg? There are actually 2
spots that rubbed on 1 leg. Maybe the shorts I was wearing?
No, I'm not afraid of putting my thigh/almost crotch on the internet. Ha.

But my run was great. Finished with about 10 minute miles. Too bad my hips and knees are dying today!Its hell getting old!

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