Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rugby....Just Another Male Fraternity

This is so true.
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Drinking games, chanting, and costumes....sounds like a sorority to me but nope, I'm talking about rugby. My boyfriend plays for the Newport News Rugby team. When I met him (the second time) he had a black eye from rugby, last year he broke his collar bone, and countless cleat marks, bruises, and a myriad other lasting memories from the sport. Something about the rough and tumble and toughness keeps me from freaking out...well, mostly because its hot. Ha. I think the rugby boys accept me because I can hold my alcohol...I'd like to thank the years of sorority life and just general life that allowed me to learn how to drink like a champ.

The team

A "ruck" I believe. Hey-o boys, watch where your hands are!

This is mostly what the team is about...DRINKING!

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