Friday, March 9, 2012

Wow....Just Wow

I tried Bikram yoga last weekend and boy was it intense! I've never sweated SO much in my life...out of every pore possible and some of those that I didn't even know existed. 90 minutes of sweaty exercise and stretching later I felt like I was a freaking ROCKSTAR. Mostly just because:

A. I didn't pass out
B. I didn't chicken out and stayed the whole time
C. Didn't look like a total fool...only a little one

Thankfully I had done yoga before so most of the moves I was familiar with. I'm just not used to 103 degree heat!!! I did all the moves except for one because it made me dizzy. The instructor said if you felt a bit dizzy then you were doing it right...so weird.

Though I did learn that I need to buy a bigger towel. My little bitty little hand towel didn't work out so well. My mat was DISGUSTING after the whole thing, I'm sure I would have slipped right off it if I had to do some of the poses again. I was right, I did wear teeny tiny little skimpy things in the class...I think I would have passed out if I had to wear more clothes than I had on. I started off with a tank top but that had to go real quick. There were a large mix of men and women of varying ages and body shapes. I felt so super skinny before :)

HA and then I spent about 15 minutes searching for my car in the Ballston Mall parking garage. I've never had such a panic attack or had to look that long for my stupid car before. I will NEVER be parking there again!

I went once again this week so I have 8 more classes to use up in the next 2 months. I'll have to talk myself up into keep going! My skin feels better because obviously I've sweated out so much and its so soft now! Oh and funniest shit ever, I'm waiting in the classroom for the class to begin and I see this heavier gentleman walk into the room with a t-shirt on and what looks like whitey-tighties and my mouth just dropped. I mean, I assume these are just some kind of yoga "short"...BUT STILL!! GROSS! I'm so glad he was on the other side of the room and I didn't have to look at him because I probably would have died from laughing so hard. Geesh.

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