Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 DC Color Run!

(picture was taken after almost all my color was blown off)

The most FUNNEST race of ALL TIMES!!!!!

Well, someone sure was a genius. Pure genius! Who DOESN'T want to run through waves of color? Who DOESN'T want to see how dirty they can get. Who DOESN'T want to be in a mosh pit of rainbow colors? UM DUH, doesn't everyone?

I posted on Friday that I would be running the Color Run in DC this weekend. I looked forward to this race all last week and this weekend! It didn't let me down! Even if you weren't a runner, this was still a blast. From young (like people pushing 3 year olds in strollers) to old, everyone had a great time.

I was a bit scared that it was at the National Harbor after the horror stories I'd heard about the last race. Well, we left early and for some reason since we came from DC the line getting there was super short. You could see the traffic coming from Alexandria.

I set my alarm for 6:40 am (too early for a Sunday) and my cab arrived to take me into DC. Um, side note, its super annoying when I schedule my cab in the morning its always 10-15 minutes early. Um,  you're going to have to wait for me to finish. If I wanted a cab 15 minutes before I asked, I would have scheduled it for 15 minutes earlier. Please come on time next time. Please.and.thank.you!

I got to Lisa's house in no time and we scooped Betsy up and headed to the race! Thankfully Lisa had picked up my race packet the day before for me so I didn't have to wait in another line!

Geared up. T shirt and a packet of color! For those of you who don't know, that's colored cornstarch

Trio of virginal white. Ready to get our color on!

the start of the race

thousands of people waiting the run!


All pretty and white!

Adorbs. Lisa and Aaron before the race

The race started at 9 am. We did not cross the START line until 9:45. I mean, they did a good job of pacing everyone out so everyone could have a great time, but I've NEVER stood at a race for 45 minutes and not even gotten anywhere. The race would have been a mess if there wasn't enough space between everyone. You can always tell by the people if its a real runner's race or just a fun run. Lots of people wearing some uncomfortable looking clothing and looking really lost. Oh well, its just a fun run. Although I thought the people in front of us were idiots for trying to take their under 3 year old through the race....she is WAY too young. Hence her throwing a temper-tantrum before we started. The color tasted gross, I can't imagine what a small child thought. I covered my face with a handkerchief and I still could taste that stuff. I bet my boogers will be black for a week.  Anyways...

Mid race pictures
Smurf station. This was one of the many color stations throughout the race! Volunteers stand on the side and chuck handfuls of color at us at a time. This was the last color station and everyone clearly wanted the blue!

Thank you legs for another great race!

Me post-race

Betsy's post-race shot

Color mosh pit!!! 

This part was REALLY cool! There was a stage with lots of music and it really was like a mosh pit..well a safe one, where you aren't going to get a body thrown on you. They threw color packs into the crowd and at a certain part of the song everyone throws up their color and you all get drenched in color!!

The BEST (well, smartest) part was that off to the side there were guys with leaf blowers who blew off the color on you! Well, not all of it, but a good portion of it so you weren't super gross when you got into your car.

Lisa drove us back and I took the metro home. Color and all. I wasn't afraid of getting on the metro looking very colorful, there are plenty of "colorful" people who ride the metro every day...so, yeah. Whatevs.


Color in my hair!
Front of my shirt after the race

Back of my shirt. You could tell I'm a bit sweaty

Sweat stain in the crease of my arm.

P.s. baking soda works WONDERS getting the color off your skin. My clothes are in the laundry now. Second round and hopefully this round gets everything off!

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