Monday, June 24, 2013

Regional Alumnae Officer Training

Last month, I travelled to North Carolina University at Chapel Hill for a weekend of sorority fun! The Regional Area Officer Training was set to be a blast! I took the day off and was hoping to leave early and see my BFF Nikki in Raleigh for a few hours before the weekend kicked off. Needless to say, 95 South had other ideas. In fact, that morning, there was a big accident that lead to a hazmat spill on the highway and SHUT DOWN ALL LANES OF 95 SOUTH......UM, YEAH....I was PISSED. Well, when I left at like 8 am, I was like "no, they can't possibly have shut down all the lanes, they'll have to clean up fast." Yeah, I was stupid. A drive that should have taken me 4 hours, in fact, took me EIGHT HOURS. Yeah, you read that right, 8!!!!  So, I only got to spend like under 2 hours with my BFF (who is preggers with twins and about to pop real soon!).

Anyways, once I got there I HAD A BLAST. Weekends like this reminds me how much I love Phi Mu. I am so thankful that I took the plunge and became a sorority member. It has brought me so much joy and leadership opportunity since I pledged in 2003. (eeekkkkkk 10 years, WHAT?!?!) I had a blast networking and sharing all of the best practices that the D.C. Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter has been able to  implement over the past few years. At the event, I met women from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Delaware, Maryland and even California! I think its amazing when I can meet women from all over the country.

I absolutely loved the Chapel Hill campus and cute little town. I could see myself rockin' some Carolina Blue! Carlina was one of the women who facilitated the weekend, and we both got to meet back up with Jess!!! Love when I can reconnect with my favs :)

Carlina, Jess and I

The house was beautiful and really made my long for my chapter to have a house. Well, I saved a lot of money by living at home with my parents, but maybe if I had this opportunity, I would have lived on campus...



And back yard!!!!

We played this great game where each of us said 3 facts about ourselves. If someone also shared the same fact/interest/connection, they spoke up and you threw your ball of yarn at them.  Basically, the idea was that we are all connected in some way.

My view

All of us in front of the house

Someone had a connection who built this AMAZING coffee table!!!


Sitting area

Composite of the first chapter


Sitting room

Close up of the door. BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had this door!

Sir Fidel is always looking :)

We walked the campus and happened on this arboretum!

Wow, beautiful

I could sit here all day

And then we found this sun dial

Posin with the dial

Something about this statue goes like "whenever a virgin walks by a shot can be heard..but none has been heard. i.e., no virgins have walked by....

Apparently the person who founded the campus sat under this tree and decided this was a perfect place...

Sorority squat!!!!

We stopped by a place called Sugarland in town...AMAZING!!!!

Cupcakes....and BEER!!!

I mean, COME ON.....look at that!!!!!

An amazing cake!

Yeah...this piece of art....VERY CONFUSING.....

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  1. Bahahahaha, I love you and you know that, but living in a chapter house would not have worked for you!