Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adult Piñata Time

As part of my bf's going away events, we decided that we would do an adult piñata party (we were drunk, at a bar in Luray, VA). We thought it would be a FANTASTIC idea to fill up this piñata that he's had for YEARS with adult items from the sex store, alcohol store...and of course the Dollar Tree!!

We/he spent about $110 on this piñata...about $70 at the sex store. Whoops!! It had airplane bottles of liquor, lube, vibrators, cock rings, condoms, water guns, leis, etc. OMG everyone had SUCH a great time!!! Who knew how many drunk people LOVE piñatas?!?!?!

 Liquor at the house

 Pinata tied to a tree
 Close up
 Drunken idiots trying to knock it down

Too many laughs that night, my stomach hurt!!

Womp womp womp..this is what it looked like afterwards...

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