Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Barre Classes

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE?!?!?!? You finally DO get back into the gym and then you can't sit down for 3 days because you literally want to cry every time you get up and sit back down. Its like God is mocking you and laughing at your poor attempt to get back into the gym. UGH. I went to a BodyPump class last Saturday after probably a year and a half hiatus and I couldn't comfortably sit down until Wednesday! Geez! I've put on a few pounds from a bit too many happy hours and I'm attempting to kick my butt in gear to go to the gym instead of sitting home and eating...well, its a painful process. 

As part of my new gym routine, I've signed up for a barre class at Studio Body Logic in Ballston. I've taken a class before and this was just as challenging as the one before! If you're never heard of barre, its sort of a mix between ballet and Pilates.

Well, it wasn't as painful as the last time I took it, but I've spent plenty of time with my friend...

the foam roller

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